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According to Genesis 8:4, the ark came to rest in the “mountains of Ararat”. ARK HUNTER has filmed in Turkey on several occasions, including expeditions on Mt. Ararat to search for Noah’s ark.


  • Tore Wilhelmsen says:

    Hi Jeremy.
    Fantastic to hear from you, Many wery nice pictures.
    I have hunger for moore.

  • admin says:

    Thanks Tore! I will add more pics over time and will be updating the blog weekly.

  • Gil Cu Unjieng says:

    Jeremy, looks like a terrific piece of work. Can’t wait to watch the film!

  • admin says:

    Hey Gil!!! Thank you very much! It’s great to hear from you.

  • P. Brog says:

    The Lord Bless you and keep you in his protective care. May the angels of the Lord surround you at all times.
    Continue to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ by being a light, a testimony and a witness of His grace and mercy.

  • adam says:

    do you have the ability to take a ground sonar imaging machine up there if you could it would help it will penetrate the ice and show how deep it is to face of the mountain ??????????

  • Really looks Great…Keep up the good work!

  • Bryan says:

    “His last communication was from 14,700 feet….”

    That is eerie.. 14,700 feet is the altitude that Edward Emerson Crawford published as the altitude of the Ark on his Project Vonbora website.


  • Martel says:

    wow.. that is simply amazing! that huge imprint looks like it could have been where Noah’s ark was. this is way to cool, keep u p the work man Great job to the whole crew .. God BLess

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the kind words. The site is very interesting. It needs more research and examination before it can conclusively be called Noah’s ark. Ultimately, it needs to be excavated.

  • Julie says:

    Apart from ALL the evidence of Noah and the Great Flood, which is quite overwhelming. There is also a huge volume of evidence that AFTER the Flood – Civilisation spread out after the time of Nimrod and the confusion of the languages at Babel. Nimrod, the Bible tells us became the first empire builder in opposition to the God of Noah. In fact Sumerian Nimrod, Semiramis & their son Tammuz became the foundation of every religious beleif system across the globe subsequently that didn’t worship the Biblical God Jehovah.

    After researching all this I also found out that a centrepiece of the occult teaching is “The Mystery of Babylon” and again that goes back to Nimrod’s time after the Flood of Noah’s day.

  • admin says:

    Julie, I agree. I believe what we learn from the flood and the events after the flood ultimately foreshadow what will come in the end times. Today’s “New Age” movement is nothing more than recycled paganism. It goes back to the very time of the great flood. – Jeremy

  • Julie says:

    Thanks for your reply Jeremy. Yes mankind will soon get a wake up call, of that there can be no doubt. People laugh at people who have a beleif in the Bible & the Great Cataclyism of Noah’s day when it’s actually them that are the deluded ones!

    So looking forward to seeing the film when it’s finished.

  • tedd reed says:

    I will let you know if I hear from national geo. I am going to try and come up the info.

  • Lance robb says:

    You are all looking at ararat the big one what about little ararat Noah did not say witch one

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