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WRITER: Tiana Wiles
Tiana was born in the Philippines, raised in Denmark and studied Journalism in the U.K. She worked as a TV producer for a Christian television network in Copenhagen and did her internship with BBC News and Current Affairs in Manchester, England. She started a production company in Copenhagen before moving to Florida. With over ten years experience as a producer and writer, she has now taken the role of full-time screenwriter for Ark Hunter. She met Jeremy in the jungle of the Philippines while working on a documentary. She moved from Denmark to the U.S. and they got married in February of 2010.

Dean has more than 26 years of experience in film and commercial production. During his career, he was the Visual Effects Supervisor for the feature film trilogy “Lord of the Rings” and worked on other films such as, “Jerry Maguire”, “Armageddon” and “Independence Day”. Dean was head of Oktobor, a New Zealand-based VFX and animation studio. While at Oktobor, Lyon designed and implemented the company‘s VFX, technology development, and image enhancement and color-grading division. Dean has helped pioneer the use of computer graphics for film and television.
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yacoeJoseph Yacoe is a seasoned Director of Photography, who demonstrated his talents in the most competitive areas of the film industry. He received several prestigious awards for his cinematography, including a Cannes Gold and a Cannes Silver award. He has shot hundreds of commercials for companies like L’Oreal, Nike, Volvo and Pepsi, to name a few. He has also filmed countless music videos, many of which hit the top charts, including Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow” and Lauryn Hill’s “Doo-Wop”. Joseph has now dedicated his talents to use for God’s kingdom. We’re honored to have him as the Director of Photography of Ark Hunter.

3d ANIMATION: Ferdi Willemse
From the age of 15, Ferdi began work in 3D animation. He started a company in the Netherlands called Motion Productions, which was a 3d animation & graphics company for television and film. He has received prestigious awards for CG animation, including 1st place at the coveted CG Society’s FXWars.



Jeremy is an explorer, filmmaker and bit of a wild-man. His guerrilla approach to filmmaking has put him in unique positions to capture amazing stories in different parts of the world. He has an immense passion to develop great stories as a filmmaker. He’s combined this passion with his genuine love for exploring, adventure and Noah’s ark in his feature film, “Ark Hunter.” With over 7 years of filmmaking experience, Jeremy hopes to contribute something new to the indie film industry.


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