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Surprisingly, there is an enormous amount of information in China about the great flood and Noah’s ark.


  • Stasia Very says:

    wow – we would be interested in this film. Is it still going ahead??

  • admin says:

    Hi Stasia! Yes, the film is still moving forward, but at a crawling pace. It’s tough to finance a big project with small pockets. hehehe. But, my Father in Heaven supplies all my needs. – Jeremy

  • Bamidele Akpata says:

    Hi Jeremy. I love the Lord. I can see the great work you guys are doing? I love great bible story movies. I want to ask: why is it that Hollywood is not looking into making bible story movies? I know there are lots of stories from Genesis to the book of Acts that can be BIG hits in the box office. At least no one expected a story like PASSION of CHRIST could be something.

  • avis swope says:

    I visited your site. it is truly amazing to see noahs ark.
    I listen to your dad on tru news every night by internet.
    your dad is truly a great man of god.
    I have never met him.but he is truly a godsend to preach truth to those who will hear it in these last days.
    god bless you son & the whole wiles family.

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