Giant Skull in Village

Jeremy Wiles

Jeremy Wiles

Director & Producer


There’s a village in eastern Turkey that I’ve been to a number of times where a human skull was discovered. It’s no ordinary skull – it’s the size of a motorcycle helmet. The Bible says, “there were giants on the earth during those days.” These giants existed before the great flood ever took place.

There are a lot of these stories that are never going to make it into the movie, so I’m glad to tell you about them on this blog. The village it was discovered in is called Arzap. When translated from Turkish to English, Arzap means “village of the eight.” Sound familiar? In the Bible, Noah wasn’t the only man to get on the ark. It was Noah, his wife, his three sons and their three wives – eight passengers. Is it strange that something like a gigantic human skull, the size of a motorcycle helmet, would be found in this village? Well, not really. I’ve found some of the strangest things there, including a femur bone, a few fingers, and was taken to the tomb of Noah’s wife, who was supposedly buried in this village. The village chief told me that someone found the grave, dug it up over the night, and escaped the country with over $50 million in jewelry and gold. Is it true? I don’t know, but I did go down inside of a large underground tomb. And there have been on several occasions Kurds who have come up to me and given me maps to the Armenian gold. The above picture is a human femur bone I stumbled across while I was trekking through the mountains.

My Turkish friend was the first to tell me about a man in this village who discovered a gigantic human skull. He also saw the skull and was able to testify to its existence. I have no reason to believe he was lying.

The man in the village who discovered the skull arranged to sell it to an American for $10,000. However, when the American came back the next day the owner of the skull increased the price to $20,000 (typical Turkish business practice). The American was furious and the deal fell through.

I asked my friend to take me to the man who had the skull. We spent an entire day in the Arzap village searching for the man, but could not find him. Hopefully, during a future expedition in Turkey I might find the man and the gigantic human skull – perhaps then it will make it into the movie. There are some other things in this village I have discovered, but you’ll have to wait to see them in the movie.