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jeremy | November 26, 2010 | no comments

In 2004 I met a Scottish man near Mt. Ararat in Turkey.  His name was Donald Mackenzie.  We stayed in contact and decided to climb with each other in 2005.  Our expedition reached 13,500 feet when we got stock in a heavy blizzard and had to come back down after 9 days on the mountain. Donald is the man at the far right in the above picture (I am at the far left).

I was informed in November, 2010 that Donald has gone missing while searching for Noah’s ark on Mt. Ararat.  I soon helped to organize an expedition to search for him, but after 4 days on Mt. Ararat he was not found.  You can follow the search for Donald on this blog:

Read the full news report:

Donald recorded this video on his phone during our expedition in 2005. I did not know he recorded this!

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